Hatch an Experience

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"There is a place you keep your memories that isn't your phone."

A blog dedicated to remembering and writing about favorite life experiences and inspiring ourselves to continue making new ones.

+ Weekly writing prompts to spark your memory and energize you.  Get into the headspace to create.    


Hatch an Experience


When it is all you can think about.  All the cells of your body are leaning forward toward that thing.  Your mind, heart, and body are all aligned and you know soon, you will get to experience … fill in the blank. 

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First Friends

I remember delicately putting tiny clear pegs into a Lite-Brite, an electric board from the 80s that lit up into a design of your imagination. 

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Lost Balloon

"It wasn’t the balloon I wanted.  It was the feeling of being with balloon tied to my little wrist like my companion …" 

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Weekly writing Prompts


Writing Prompt for next week: Believing in Magical Things

Writing Prompt for next week:  Disappointment

Writing Prompt for next week:  First Friends 

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