Music builds community - I love all the different ways it brings us together.  Every person I've played with has influenced my music in some way and given me new perspective to music & everyday life.  Here are some fun projects I've been a part of over the years -- I hope it gives you some energy or sparks new ideas for your creations this year! 

Cynthia Marie with Rachel Erin Robinson and Jacqueline Leigh at Gallery 1412, Seattle - a great night of music!

.. on June 2nd, 2013, we all got together for a dinner & concert at ROCKiT Community Arts in Beacon Hill .. we played music, listened to stories from former refugees, and enjoyed our community together ..

How do you make a Christmas recording when your friends are all over the world?  :) Check this out ..

Blowing in the Wind

Cynthia Marie & Friends at Bossa

Song by Bob Dylan, performed by Cynthia Marie, Michael Goldberg, Tara Trinity, Erin Frisby, Nina Marie Fernando Bossa Lounge DC 2/17/18

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backing up MC Mark Hoy at Hawthorne's annual Social Justice concert .. we did this 3 years in a row - it is always a blast ! The kids get a chance to sing their hearts out and enjoy some live hip hop from local artists and musicians ..

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