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July 2014

Can’t believe it’s summer already!  Recent highlights were definitely playing Gallery 50 in Waynesboro, PA with Tim Franklin, awesome guitarist & singer-songwriter, recording with Mark Williams at Suckerpunch Studio in Bethesda, MD, and collaborating cross-country with my friends Mike Antone and Jay Pinto out of Snoqualmie, WA.  

Today, I’m writing to you from Leno, Italy, where I’m getting ready to jam with my old friend Gwen Bayly, on saxophone.  We already had a great session last night, playing jazz and original music - gearing up for a gig next week in Breschia!  :)

March 2014

It has been an action-packed couple of months, with lots of friends, music, and traveling - 7 states in 2 months, not bad.  :)  I just finished up my part in the Summer Januaries recording down in San Diego (that is the piano I recorded on below)  It was great fun, and I enjoyed playing with some downright wonderful musicians.  Had some lovely shows in Seattle with old and new friends, and got to teach, accompany, and visit with lots of awesome people. 

Before that, I took a journey through North Carolina and Virginia, played a couple shows, one with my cousin! and visited with family and friends.  And most recently I've been in the D.C. area, up to Philly's amazing art museum, and this week I start teaching at the colorful Mike's Music in Ellicott City, Maryland.  I'm looking forward to this year of music and .. the spring season! 

How is everyone doing now that winter is just about over? 

Saturday night Live Music @ Teavolve Cafe, Baltimore

 —  —

Teavolve, 1401 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231


Join us at this wonderful restaurant venue for delicious food, drinks, and live music from 8-10 p.m.


Outdoor Live music @ Via Colori Street Painting Festival

Fredericksburg, VA


Performing a solo-set on the music stage at 10 a.m. :) Stay for Jahnel at 11 a.m. & Chris Compton at noon - music ALL DAY!

"Via Colori is the modern day expression of a centuries-old art form. This very special annual event gathers more than 100 artists in each of more than a half-dozen cities. Each artist's large scale masterpiece is sponsored by a business or individual, and is created directly on the pavement of their closed-off city streets."

Age limit: All ages


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